Saturday, October 17, 2009


"JOKE WALLPAPERS" is a unique blog that i come across that have loads of funny stuffs.

This blog have been started in January 2009 which is not that much old considering with other blogs but this blog contains loads of funny posts within this short time.

So if you need some fun time with jokes visit "JOKE WALLPAPERS" blog...


Sunday, September 27, 2009

Through The Photographs

"Through The Photographs" is a cool blog that shares the ideas of the blogger through camera lence.

Although this blog has been started last month the blogger Corina had posted her blog posts very frequently and every post has some uniqueness in expressing her ideas through photography.

So feel free to visit this amazing photo blog and enjoy the art of photography.

Visit :- Through The Photographs Blog

Friday, July 24, 2009

Bay Area Tendrils Garden Travel

"Bay Area Tendrils Garden Travel" is a blog that has solely dedicated its posts for the nature and gardening.

According to this blogger she is a plant geek, who have cultivated her little patch in Northern California. Also She describes "I set off on journeys, returning home to write about historical gardens, contemporary landscapes, and little-known green spaces in newspaper columns, magazine articles, and my 'Gardenwalks' INSIDERS' Guides (covering the West Coast of the U.S. & British Columbia)".

This blog has been started in this year but i think she is doing a great job by sharing her experience among everyone.

So if you are interested in gardening or landscaping this blog will be a good resource for you.

Visit :-